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The story so far

IRAUPEN is a company founded in 1980 whose mission is to import and distribute cutting tools and offer companies a technical advisory service.

Over time and with the experience we have acquired, we have become experts in the niche markets we work in.

Our objective is to optimise our customers' production costs using our personalised service and tools of the highest quality.

Our particular interest is in companies which need high quality tools, duration and technology, along with services which assist their business management and help them to differentiate their companies.

We are a high quality human and professional staff, farsighted, with the ability to work in teams and continuously trained, both technical and commercial, to try to meet their needs.


Worldwide Smallest Modular Replaceable Insert Reaming System easy handling with all advantages of RX system.


You can use it in a lathe too, with a floating tool holder.


Replaceable insert with easy handling. With a changing tolerance between insert of 4 microns. As easy as a milling insert changing!


We obtain a precision of microns by using reamers and milling plates.

RX System

Modular reaming system. Measurement repeatability and straightforward component handling. 1 micron concentricity. Long-life reamers thanks to the compensation system.

Special Reaming

Both URMA and IRAUPEN have considerable experience in developing the best specialist tools for reaming, adapting them to each customer's needs.

Burnishing and deep Rolling

Burnishing is a technique which gives mirror-type finishings. It increases surface hardness, reduces friction and gives high charging rates. Deep rolling, on the other hand, increases parts’ life and resistance to fatigue, residual tension and surface layer resistance.

External burnishing

These burnishing tools are designed to mechanise a wide variety of irregular surfaces, including specific outlines, narrow grooves, slits, external surface finishings and cylindrical and screwed holes. They are tools with bodies fitted with a handle, elastic assemblage which allows the head to move without play and with little friction, and an indicator which measures burnishing strength directly. The possibility of using either mechanical or hydrostatic tools.

Interior burnishing

Multiple burnishing tools especially designed to mechanise cylindrical bars (both straight and helical), made-to-measure needles  and similar exteriors for cylinder surfaces and non-cylinder surfaces. These tools can be used with conventional lathes, CNC, boring devices, milling machines and machining centres. The possibility of using either mechanical or hydrostatic tools.

Deep rolling

Deep rolling prevents and impedes stress-induced breaking or potential breaking of material and, like burnishing, produces mirror-type finishings. This process can be used with a great variety of components. The circuit is short and the process is completed with a single start-up. The possibility of using either mechanical or hydrostatic tools.


We have ample experience with boring, the most copied system worldwide.


Modular boring system from 2 to 3,000 mm. High-speed headpieces for boring. Highly controlled roughing processes. Both Urma and Iraupen have considerable experience in developing the best special tools for boring, adapting them to each customer's needs.


High productivity milling. Reduction of total machining-related costs. Excellent cutting geometry for both HSS and HM tools. The product's high efficiency leads to advantages in terms of production. Manufacture of special tools for your needs.

NUTEX System

Milling disks  of up to 160 mm diameter depending on the material they are made of,  available with geometric cuts  adapted for  aluminium, steel, smelting, depending on each case. Great variety of cut width and coverings. High performance disks which can be re-sharpened.


Tools for scoring around and in the centre.


A wide range from small diameters to the infinite. Complete range for scoring around and in the centre. Front scoring cut depth up to 50 mm. Special tools manufactured for swift delivery and with standard spare parts.

Enjoy the experience of the augmented reality of our products. Vívelo is the new Iraupen App, created for offering you new experiences and so you can have our products wherever you are. Furthermore, inside vívelo you will find our new working tool, Calculator, with which you can optimize your work time.

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In Iraupen we want that our customers feel supported all the time. For that, we offer a comprehensive service throughout the process.

Amaia Kriado /

Engineering Services

Assistance in special tools processes and design.

Gorka Criado /

Technical Assistance

We recommend work and maintenance parameters for implementing tools.

José Ángel Sánchez /

After Sales Service

Technical assistance with all our processes and information about possible improvements.

Nerea Aguirre /


Managing of accounting and financial processes.

Ninbe Mitxeo /

Catalogues and documents

Iraupen Calculador

Iraupen Visita virtualVisita guiada

Iraupen Lab was set up in 2013 as an experiment, inspired by the need to work more closely with our collaborators. These relationships lead to all parties growing and evolving in professional terms. These evolutions are changes which can seem positive or, in some cases, negative. But at Iraupen we consider all evolution to be important, it is all based on the desire to do things in other ways in order to achieve results which satisfy all involved and, along with that, continue growing.

So in order to encourage both relationships and team work and the idea of trying new things out in order to evolve, we have set up a permanent laboratory which is available to all our collaborators.

Iraupen Lab is open to anybody who wants to demonstrate a project and also to anybody who wants to see these projects.

In order to make Iraupen Lab happen we have developed closer working relationships with our collaborators who share this philosophy, the idea of working together to spread knowledge, to always evolve in a positive sense.





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